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Drill Bit Specification - Milled Tooth

Mammoth MT Rock Bits have three basic classifications

  1. MT10 Soft formation
  2. MT20 for Soft to Medium formation
  3. MT30 for Medium to Hard formation


Drill Bit Specification TCI Bit

Mammoth TCI Rock Bits have five basic classifications

  1. MT40 for Soft to Medium formation
  2. MT50 for Medium to Hard formation
  3. MT60 for Hard formation
  4. MT70 for Very Hard formation
  5. MT80 for Extremely Hard formation


Formation Types

Principle difference for the “MT series bits” are in cutting structure which are formation specific.


Soft Formation:

Soft to Medium formation: low-abrasive such as shale, limestone, sandstone, and alluvial deposits.

Cutting profile:
Chisel / Conical


Medium Formation:

Medium to Hard formation: semi-abrasive such as hard, sandy limestone, shale, dolomite and limestone.

Cutting profile:
Chisel / Conical


Hard Formation:

Hard formation: abrasive such as limestone, sandstone, dolomite, quartzite, granite, iron ores, and copper ores.

Cutting profile:
Blunt Conical / Round Top

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